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What is a good digital camera in the $100-350 range?

Recently, I bought a Canon 10.1 mp Digital Rebel and a wide angle lens. I just started taking up basic photography (and I mean total beginner) this past January. This camera was awesome. The only thing was there is no way I could possibly afford the up-keep of this camera. I am on a limited budget and I sold it; fortunately got most of my money back. The camera and one lens cost a total of $1300.00.

Now here’s the deal. I was told that the Digital Rebel is one of the better camera’s on the market. I did not know this when I was looking into it because some moron on yahoo answers said they don’t make any camera’s under the Digital Rebel that are any good; yet he/she failed to mention that this was like top of the line.

All I am looking for is something that is somewhat affordable ($100-350-ish) and has a good range (for zoom and panoramic pix for scenary). Something that could be used for a long time and preferably has the lens attached to it, or a smaller version lens that I could attach to it.

I heard Nikon is a good brand and I heard that Canon came out with some good lesser expensive cameras (like this one my gf’s father has with some kind of a screen that pulls out from behind the camera –> not sure what it’s called tho). You either use this screen for viewing the pics or taking them while looking through the external screen (I think is what he told me).

Anyways, I am kind of out on a limb here because I am going to Hawaii this summer (for my very first time) and I can’t afford a camera yet. I don’t exactly want to leave one of the last purely beautiful places on the planet w/o any pictures. I just need to know which kinds are good so I can shop around.

Any ideas? Got any links I can go to?

Thanks guys =P



  • jeffy

    recommend Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28S
    10.1-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality poster-size prints
    18x wide-angle MEGA Optical Image Stabilized zoom lens
    2.7-inch high-resolution LCD screen; HD video capture
    Full SLR-like manual operations including aperture, shutter, program and full manual modes with Advanced Scene modes

  • Joe C

    If you wanted to have fun in Hawaii , get the Olympus waterproof cost around 300-350$
    picture not as good as Canon or Nikon but the trade off is durable and waterproof up to 8 ft.
    otherwise get the Canon SD880 , it does have a good wide angle 28mm and a good zoom 135mm , will set you back around 280.00 USD