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What Digital Camera Should I Buy For Real Estate Needs?

I work for 3 realtors and we’re looking to purchase a camera (no more than $350) that will take great pictures of both the outside & inside of homes to include the photos in our brochures and flyers about the house. Currently, we are using a pretty old kodak and the biggest problem we have is with the interior pictures — if it’s a sunny day and we try to take photos of a room with a lot of light pouring in — the photos are usually really washed out. We also have an interest in doing virtual tours (I have a Nikon Coolpix and I know that it has the Panoramic assist mode that will show a bit of the previous photo you took so you can line up the photos.) I was looking at the Canon PowerShot A700, and also the Nikon P1, but i’m open to other suggestions — thanks in advance for your help!!