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Panoramic photography?

What equipment do I need to take TRUE panoramic photographs? I don’t mean the little point-and-shoot cameras that take long, narrow photos.

What is your Best Advice on how to become a Professional Photographer?

I’m ready to leave the business marketing world behind and pursue my dreams in becoming a professional photographer. I have a portfolio made up of 200 high quality images that I have taken over the years. My best work has come recently with my purchase of my first DSLR camera. I know what interests me in photography (macro, nature, wildlife, landscape, panoramic, and travel).

How do you take the next step?

What digital camera is the best to start out with if want to do professional photography?

Im currently studying Fine Art, but id like to do a course of photography next year.I want to work digitally,but i have no idea which brand?Or what type of camera?I do know that it should be able to change its lenses.On a tight budget, whats the best option, and how much(an estimate) would i have to spend?

What kind of camera would be good for serious artistic photography?

I want to get into serious photography, and I’m looking to buy a camera that is good for artistic photography (macro, portrait, landscape) but would also like a casual shot capability (family trips.. etc.) I had my eye on the Sony DSLR a350. Does anyone have it? What do you think of it? (and if you don’t have it) What would YOU recommend for a good digital camera? DSLR or not? Good brand? Any input is great! :)