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Where can I upload a digital panorama to get printed?

by Mario Groleau

Question by GOODD: Where can I upload a digital panorama to get printed?
I was in Ireland a few years ago and have a panorama that is 4′ long at finished dimension. I am trying to find someplace that I can have it printed out. Ritz camera in the mall, Wal-Mart and other drug store places only do standard size pictures. I don’t want a bunch of pictures strung together.

I am in the USA. Please include URLs! Thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by retiredPhil
These people do custom size printing

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How do you make a panorama from multiple photos?

by marcosvidal

Panoramic photography

Question by The Bible (gives Hope): How do you make a panorama from multiple photos?
I took some shots of some mountains. I want to combine several photos into one panorama photo. I’ve seen this before. I have a Photo Editor software, but it’s not very advanced. I supposed I could crudely do this in Paint, but is there some way to do this in most photo editors?

Best answer:

Answer by stuart e
easy. send me the pictures. ill put them all together for you..

take several pictures while turning on the stop

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SLR cameras and Lens on a budget….?

Hi, I am starting my diploma in photography soon, and i would like to have a good camera. I want to shoot in Raw, and i do want a good lens.

I’m looking at the D80, but i want to know what sort of lens i should get. I want to be able to take panoramic images, and again, shoot in Raw format.

Any advice is much appreciated

How to do this in Photoshop? (the “little world”, panorama effect)?

The “own little world” effect, like these:

Panorama Kopenhagen - the little world