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Free Virtual Tours From the Getty Museum Using Google Goggles

virtual tours with google goggles

For all you museum and art buffs out there, Google is partnering with the Getty Museum in Los Angeles to provide virtual tours using nothing more than their Google Goggles app. The way it works is simple. Take a photo of the paintings in the museam and Google Goggle’s will pull the necessary information from the Getty’s mobile site. From there you can read all about the artwork in question and even listen to commentaries from the artists and curators. Nifty stuff.

While, normally Google Goggles allows for identifying book covers to landmarks, its nice to see a more educational approach like this. Equally cool is even when you’re outside of the museum and you come across art in a book or advertisement, you can snap a pic and Google Goggle’s will provide you with even more info. Who says all apps have to be about soundboards and fart noises anyway?

The World’s Largest 360-degree Sports Photo

While the football fans among you were following Manchester City and Stoke City battling it out for this year’s FA Cup yesterday at Wembley Stadium in London, 360 Cities founder Jeff Martin was pitch-side capturing a 20-gigapixel photo of the crowd – the largest-yet 360-degree photo of a sports event.

The image has now been launched on – less than 24 hours after shooting! People viewing the image can tag themselves or their friends if they were in the 90,000-strong audience. Our talented team also built the website and created the tagging application. There are a lot of famous faces in the crowd. Stay tuned as the number of face-tags starts building up. [update - 1200 tags added in the first hour!]

This event is a major accomplishment for 360 Cities. Working with Wembley for several weeks in advance, the shoot was meticulously planned and rehearsed. There were only 90 minutes of shooting time to work with. By contrast, our earlier gigapixel images of, for example, Prague, London and the Strahov Library were shot over days. Jeff was  present for the FA Cup semi-final in May to do a dry-run. Wembley’s excellent agency Dare Digital organized everything with skill and creativity. Read all about how we did it on the How We Did It page.

Jeff Martin preparing for the semi-final dry run

Virtual tour of 2010 Taipei Int’l Flora Expo available

Taipei Flora Expo_ EXPO Dome
Image by copycatko via Flickr

The 2010 Taipei International Flora Expo is just around the corner.

The Taipei City Government is inviting internet users to get a glimpse of the expo online before it opens on Saturday.

A spokeswoman for the expo, Ma Chien-hui, said on Wednesday that virtual tours of each of the expo’s 14 pavilions are available online. Those include newly added tours for the Pavilion of Dreams, the EXPO Theater and the EXPO Hall.

“Web users can take a virtual tour of the 14 pavilions. The tour includes an environmentally friendly structure at Xinsheng Park, the world’s biggest wall featuring the drawings of [well-known Taiwanese artist] Jimmy, the Pavilion of New Fashion made from PE bottles and the British-styled Taipei Story House. People can visit our website to learn more about the pavilions they plan to visit so that they can get a feel of [what they're like],” said Ma.

The virtual tour was shot on location at the expo. With the click of a mouse, web users are given either a daytime or nighttime view of the venues of the upcoming Flora Expo. The virtual tours give visitors a panoramic view of the expo and close-up shots as well.

For more information, visit

Enhanced by Zemanta Unveils New Record-Breaking Gigapixel Panoramic Photo of London

New Record-Breaking Gigapixel Panoramic Photo of London

Image by Jeffrey Martin,

Prague, Czech Republic, November 16, 2010 – A newly published 360-degree photo of London takes the
crown as the largest spherical panoramic photo in the world. The image of London, at,
has a total resolution of 80 gigapixels, or 80 billion pixels. Shot by photographer Jeffrey Martin over a period
of three days from the top of the

Zooming in in apartment somewhere far away

Image by Jeffrey Martin,

Centre Point building at the crossroads of Oxford Street and Tottenham
Court Road, the image reveals the highest-resolution view of any city that has ever been captured. From this
vantage point – 36 stories up in the air – an astonishing number of landmarks, houses, skyscrapers, shops,
offices, and streets are visible. Countless people at street level are observable, as well as thousands of
windows, many of which reveal glimpses of life inside.

and a terrace somewhere in the panorama

In short, it is a portrait of London, the likes of which
has never been made before.
Previous attempts at world record gigapixels include a 26-gigapixel image of Paris, a 70-gigapixel image of
Budapest, a 26-gigapixel image of Dresden, and Martin’s previous record holder from 2009, an 18-gigapixel
spherical image of Prague. This new London gigapixel image, if printed at normal photographic resolution,
would be 35 meters long and 17 meters tall (115 feet x 56 feet).
Martin, a panoramic photographer and the Founder of, created the London gigapixel image
from 7886 high-resolution individual photos taken from the Centre Point building. These thousands of photos
were then stitched together as one single image on a powerful Fujitsu CELSIUS workstation, provided for the
project by Fujitsu Technology Solutions. The computer comprises dual 6-core CPUs, 192GB of RAM, and a
4GB graphics card.
To encourage people to explore the 80-gigapixel image of London in its finest detail, 360 Cities will launch
three separate contests to find and describe items or places in the photo. In the first contest the winner will
receive a Fujitsu 27″ LCD monitor provided by Fujitsu Technology Solutions, computer and camera bags
provided by will be awarded in the second, and in the third contest, over $3000 worth of
holidays will be awarded, courtesy of Intrepid Travel ( and their subsidiary, Urban
Adventures (
Further information about the making of the image can be found at
About 360 Cities
360 Cities is dedicated to promoting geo-located, high-resolution spherical imagery by providing the bestanywhere
platform for publishing panoramic photography on the web. is the web’s largest
collection of spherical, map-based panoramas, and through its partnership with Google Earth, this content is
introduced to an even wider audience worldwide. 360 Cities is a Netherlands limited company with a
subsidiary in Prague, Czech Republic.

see the full tour

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