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Virtual Tours: Sell Your Home Now!

Virtual Tours Can Help Sell Your Home

A new day has dawned in the marketing of real estate. Online home tours, or virtual tours, as they are known, will change house-hunting forever. In the near future, Buyers will rarely go with a real estate agent to tour house after house. We will simply click on the virtual tour and view the property.

What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a 360 panorama photo that shows a true representation of a property. Before this technology was available, the main marketing of property online was only text and pictures. Now, you can go to websites that will show you properties inside and out.

Virtual tour content

True full service virtual tours will give a good representation of a property. Virtual tours should take the buyer by the “virtual” hand and actually give them a “tour” of the property. The best virtual tours are professionally photographed. They are narrated, explaining the features and benefits of the property. They are set to appropriate background music. They typically show 25 to 30 views of the property. Theses are true productions that highlight a property. Full service virtual tours are also great for re-locating, out-of-town buyers.

Buyers preview

With the virtual tour, Buyers now have the opportunity of getting the real sense, or personality of a property. They can now snoop through a property and view the exact layout. Buyers can see if a property fits their wants and needs. They can do this without leaving the comfort of their own home. Most importantly, buyers no longer have to squeeze showings into already crammed schedules.

Sellers benefit

Virtual tours can help sellers immensely. Sellers no longer have to keep their homes in a constant show condition. Real estate agents benefit from virtual tours too. When a buyer has watched a virtual tour on a home, they have a realistic view of what the property offers. The buyer has serious interest in the property. This helps a real estate agent eliminate lookers, and brings Sellers truly interested Buyers.

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