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The Art of Photography from the Sky

Product Description
This book is both a guide to the techniques of aerial photography, and a showcase of work by the author, who is one of the world’s top aerial photographers.

It covers the various aspects of this specialised genre and will be written in an accessible, conversational tone, with plenty of tips, anecdotes and personal viewpoints, which will serve to underline the authority of the author. The images will encompass a variety of subjects, taken in various countries around the world.
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Aerial: The Art of Photography from the Sky



  • Midwest Book Review

    Very highly recommended for personal and community library Photography Book collections, Aerial: The Art Of Photography From The Sky by aerial photography Jason Hawkes is a compendium of truly spectacular full-color photography book featuring sweeping viewpoints from high above the earth. The informed and informative text offers unique insight into these amazing one-of-a-kind visual scenarios perfectly captured by camera from above, compiled into a visually glorious coffee table book.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Photogs-Wings

    As a person who is trying to “make it big” in aerial and aviation photography I would have liked a little more in depth discussion regarding the techinques he uses. Outside of that minor point, this book is stunning, the images are crystal clear, and the printing is very well done. Unlike many of us who use digital cameras, these images are mostly done on film and with medium format. Which is clearly evidenced by the level of detail he has managed to pull out.

    Rating: 5 / 5