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SLR cameras and Lens on a budget….?

Hi, I am starting my diploma in photography soon, and i would like to have a good camera. I want to shoot in Raw, and i do want a good lens.

I’m looking at the D80, but i want to know what sort of lens i should get. I want to be able to take panoramic images, and again, shoot in Raw format.

Any advice is much appreciated



  • Piewacket

    Depends on your budget. If you need versatility and can only afford one lens you can go for something like a Sigma or Nikon Super Zoom. They can go from about 18mm to 200mm.

    18mm is nice and wide and 200 will give you some telephoto. 70 to 80 is great for portraits.

    Look for the D80 Kit, it comes with several lenses, you can find it at COSTCO sometimes. Now they have to D80 with a Nikon 18-135 for $849.99

  • dave3006308

    You can find the Sony Alpha A-200 on sale for $499 with 1 lens. Google the A-200 it is an awsome entry level camera.Best bang for the buck out there IMHO.

  • mark_bessey

    Have you considered going for a slightly cheaper body, at least at first? The price on the D80 is dropping recently, due to the introduction of the D90, but I’d bet you could pick up a D70 or a D50 for less, if you can find an unsold one on a shelf somewhere. The D70, in particular, is very highly-regarded by users.

    Your choice in lenses is more important than the choice of camera bodies, in any case. For taking panoramic shots, you’ll probably want a decent wide-angle lens. Fortunately, the “kit” lenses that are often sold together with the D80 are pretty decent.

    For the absolute best results, you’d probably want something like the 17-35mm f/2.8 lens, which I’m told is a favorite of landscape photographers. It costs about $1,500 though, which probably blows the whole “budget” part of the equation.

    On the other hand, you can produce wonderful stitched panoramas using a D50 or D40 and the 18-55mm kit lens (I’ve done it). The D40 might be a little limiting for a photography student, because of the simplified controls, but the price is really excellent.

  • saeed4705

    in my opinion as a canon fan and user the 40d is the best choice today,because by announcing 50d the prices of older one drops a lot and gives you the chance of buying a high quality,well made,strong camera by $700.i know that it feels good to have the latest camera in shop but be sure that it will satisfy you.Canon 40d is 10MP with alloy body that makes it much much stronger than d80.and pay attention that d80 is a beginner DSLR like Canon 350d or 400d and 40d is semi pro one like D200 and D300 in nikon.actually i had d80 for 2 months,it was well made but not as good as canon 40d or nikon d200.about the lens i think sigma 10-20 will cover ultra wide,sigma 17-85 the wide to normal and canon 70-200 usm l f2.8 the tele focal length.the 580ex-II flash and manforto 190 tripod are the accessories you’ll need too.

  • Andrew M

    My suggestion: go Canon. The Canon 30D can be found at around $525 nowadays, and cheaper soon now that the 50D has been announced. There isn’t a big difference between the 30D and the 40D, just 2 MP and a faster shooting rate. If you’re shooting fast action, then go with the 40D.

    Another advantage of Canon is a wider selection of lenses. You’ll have more choices to find the right lens at the right price for your needs and budget. Nikon has great lenses too, but they have fewer options.

    As for your panoramic pictures, you’ll really enjoy using a wide-angle lens. I recently purchased a Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 lens for my 30D, and I’ve been able to produce amazingly sharp pictures with it. The Auto Focus is a bit noisy, but otherwise it’s amazing. Plus, it’s only $400, which is great for a student budget like mine.

    Check out sample photos on Hope this helps!