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Review of the newest camaras.

21 Aug 2017 at 1:00pm
Don't buy another lens, buy a flash instead
Introduction A bounced, on-camera flash was a quick way for me to take some photo booth snaps in a very dark room without having to set anything up off-camera.

When people really get into photography and start saving their pennies for new...

20 Aug 2017 at 4:00pm
Shooting 101MP black-and-white photos with the Phase One XF IQ3 Achromatic
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Phase On...

20 Aug 2017 at 1:00pm
How to buy used gear (and not get burned)
Don't get burned!

Photography gear is pricey, and buying used is a great way to keep your wallet from getting too thin, but it also comes with quite a few risks. The high price associated with photo gear sometimes attracts unsavory folks di...

Tips about photography

16 Aug 2017 at 1:03pm
Five Bird Photography Tips For Rookies
Bird photography is one activity that requires a lot of patience and time. While you may best at clicking pictures, you may still find it difficult to get the finest bird photographs. It is, therefore, important that you should learn some basic ti...

12 Aug 2017 at 10:41am
5 Fashion Photography Tips you should Know
Fashion photography has more aspects than we know, and you can very well understand them if you read a couple of interviews of well-established fashion photographers. These people treat their job as something that intends to convey a meaningful me...

3 Aug 2017 at 5:04am
7 Essential Digital Photography Effects
Digital photography is incomplete without effects and touch-ups as they give more depth and life to the picture. However, these effects cannot be randomly applied to the picture and must be thoroughly practiced before actual use. In this article, ...

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