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Photographic Multishot Techniques: High Dynamic Range, Super-Resolution, Extended Depth of Field, Stitching

  • ISBN13: 9781933952383
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Product Description

Photographers are just beginning to realize the potential of high dynamic range imaging (HDRI). Now, the newest techniques based on a bracketed series of exposures make it possible to go beyond HDRI: photographers can increase resolution for ultra-sharp, detailed images, and they can extend the depth of field in a way that was never before possible.

Photographic Multishot Techniques provides a thorough introduction and is a hands-on guide to these various techniques. Using a series of example images, the authors explain and illustrate the use of each technique. Included are lessons on HDRI, super-resolution, focus stacking, and stitching images. Moreover, the reader will learn how to effectively combine these various techniques to create amazing images.

Throughout the book, the authors use tools such as Photoshop, PhotoAcute, Photomatix Pro, FDRTools, CombineZM, DOP Detail Extractor, and Helicon Focus to illustrate the workflow with detailed, step-by-step instructions. Most of these tools offer free trial versions that are available for download at

Learning to use these cutting-edge techniques is sure to expand the repertoire and improve the photographic skills of the professional, as well as the advanced amateur, photographer.

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Photographic Multishot Techniques: High Dynamic Range, Super-Resolution, Extended Depth of Field, Stitching



  • Michael McKee

    The human eye/brain combination presents us with a much wider dynamic range of light and focus than any image from a camera can. However, it is possible to combine images to greatly extend what a digital camera captures. By combining images of different exposure in high dynamic range (HDR) photography you can make a photo that more accurately represents the scene you saw. The same is true of focus. The eye will make everything in most of our field of view in focus. A camera focuses on one distance. In bright light it’s possible to capture a photo that has a lot of clarity, but in low light, what’s in focus is pretty narrow. Again, by combining multiple images, it’s possible to create a photo that captures a wide range of focus through focus stacking. Panorama creation is also covered.

    Photographic Multishot Techniques explains how to achieve these results. It starts with an explanation of how to take photos for best results. It all starts with the camera. It presents a few programs necessary to work with multiple shots and walks us through the steps necessary. Strengths and weaknesses of each program are discussed with no apparent bias. Techniques are presented through examples that are clear. Both the why and how for each technique are included. It’s simply the most inclusive multi-shot technique book available and creates a high bar for any that follow.

    This book has changed the way I approach certain types of shooting situations, especially in low light or in scenes with high dynamic range. I don’t process for the hyper-real look popular with many HDR photographer, rather I work to make my photos more representative of the scene as I saw it. I also use focus stacking with my closeup shots for the same reason.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Charles S Powell

    Awesome! This book is fantastic.

    Not a lot of pretty photos, just a teaching of technique. Only one of the best photographic investments I’ve ever made.

    It is a serious course and well worth the price and the time. This is not a quick read. The book is over my head and I like that.

    Please burn all the other copies! These secrets should be allowed to get out!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Berton Shankman

    I very rarely comment on the books I have purchased. If I can’t say something good then I prefer to say nothing at all. This book is great. I am an experienced professional photographer. This book helped me along to greater understanding of my craft and introduced me to some software that I was unaware of. Unlike many other authors they actually used the products and wrote about their experiences.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  • Midwest Book Review

    From stitching to extending depth of field and using high dynamic range imaging, the latest techniques are covered in an introduction using example images to explain each. Lessons on HDRI, focus stacking and more include how to combine various techniques in the pursuit of professional, polished results. Any library strong in photography needs this.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Kenneth W. Johnson

    Excellent book. This opened up an exciting new area of photography for me. It’s a great “how-to” book if you want to move beyond single shot conventional photography and learn how the pros do it. I tried some of the techniques and software that the authors recommended with stunning results. The book gives very detailed instructions from shooting to processing. I give this one two thumbs up.
    Rating: 5 / 5