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Panoramic Photography Tutorial Learn how to make a panorama using your own ordinary digital or film camera. Watch as Denis Knight shoots a series of photos then stitches them together into a wide angle panoramic photograph. The whole process takes just a few minutes. Then check out the web site and download the free panoramic photography tutorial.

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  • nutzw1

    you’d be amazed of the capabilities of Windows Live Photos

  • valipanda

    i use photoshop cs4….. in cs3 does it work too…
    its very easy

  • denisknight

    Those are fair comments. But this is a quick 3 minute introduction to a technique that I assume is new to people watching the video. I can’t go into full details here about shooting techniques or manual adjustments to the stitching process to fix any imperfections. But all that and more is covered in my panoramic photography book which is mentioned in the video.

  • crtl9697

    u dint consider, MANY factors.. moreover i can see the sky, to be imperfect… also you were lucky to have much static subjects..

    OK.. but not the perfect way to do it.

  • joannacongson

    you can also do it on photoshop.. but you need efforts..:)

  • romeo4play

    Thanks for introducing this tool and the tricks to shoot panorama photos.. i almost bought an expensive wide angle lens :)

  • denisknight

    RAW mode is not something I’d recommend for beginners. It’s more for professionals. But as you say, it can have advantages if you know what you’re doing.

  • Eugenefotografie

    Always shoot in RAW! Then it isn’t a problem to change the white balance afterwards. Also other adjustments are more secure when shooting Raw.

  • denisknight

    Yes, that’s true. An automatic white balance setting can cause variations in color between frames which can result in visible seams between photos. But in practice if you are outdoors you would rarely need to worry about this. It’s more important when shooting indoors.

  • kristellrose

    cool thanks

  • luisdeper

    You shouldn’t take the photos with white balance set to auto, you should try and “read” the lighting and try to set a fixed white balance, like “daylight” for example. Otherwise each photo wil look different and it will show in your stitched panorama

  • shonicashufa

    hey thanks soooo’re so kind for sharing your knowledge.would love to learn how to take great photos

  • denisknight

    I’ve helped a customer with a pano inside a football stadium. The software was having trouble matching features between frames because there were so many similar repeating features (each block of seats looked the same). To solve it he needed to manually stitch the frames together.

  • muyquik14

    muchas gracias..i loved it im a begginer at photography and this is pretty cool….Saludos

  • quack18

    any tips on how to do that same technique but inside a football stadium ??? i tried it , but i found it close to impossible

  • temanjawa

    Thanks a lot, very interesting, will try it too !

  • davidj12356

    Thank You Thank You Thank You!
    Your the best! :)
    You’ve instilled in me a new hobby, and trust me, that’s difficult!

  • mattutubematt


  • minoo79

    great tips.. thanks denis for our effort :)

  • Banny245

    Thanks alot! I’m going to the Grand Canyon in two months and this technique is a must-know for the photographs I want to take while I am there.