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Panorama Pro Android App

Easily Capturing Panoramic Photos

There’s nothing more exciting than traveling to different places around the world with your friends and taking great pictures of amazing and breathtaking views. To do that you can use special cameras, but they are too uncomfortably bulky for carrying. Why not use your Android phone instead?

Your Android device, with the help of some app, can be a more portable substitute of a regular digital camera. There are quite a lot of photography apps in the Android Market, but not all of them let you capture panoramic pictures. Thankfully, there are apps like Panorama Pro that would let you capture panoramas without using a special camera.

Using Panorama Pro, not only can you capture panoramic pictures using your Android device but also apply photo effects on your pictures and share your photos to your favorite social networking sites instantly.

What Is Panorama Pro?

Panorama Pro is simply a photography app for Android devices whose chief feature is the ability to snap 180-degree, high-quality panoramas. Aside from that, you can enrich your panoramic photo with special effects that can give them a more dramatic look. Just set the effect beforehand, capture the photo in one sweeping motion, and voila! Panoramic photo with effects.