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How to make money with online photography?

Photography is my hobby , I use to take pic wherever I go and then I post to flickr. I receive many comments on my pics. I am thinking to make money with my pics. Please tell me how can I make money online with photography? Is their any magazine which is in search of online photographers?



  • Jim A

    Making $$ as a photographer is very hard. I spent a career in television photography. I’m now semi-retired doing some still jobs on the side… but these are client specific shoots.

    I had a site for some time for Jim’s Digital Photo Shop. I got quite a few hits. I had photos for sale but absolutely no takers.

    I don’t mean to sound cynical but I’ve found over 35-years of doing this work that unless you have a specific client, a company you work for,
    or your name happens to be Ansel Adams, you’re looking at a very long, difficult road.

    Tell you what. I’m no photo critic but I’d love to see your stuff. Send me your Flickr page through my profile – I’d like to see your work.
    Here’s mine:


  • dankman

    Making money through photography, HAHAHA.


    I was wondering also, and this seems to have put that notion to bed! Oh well, there’s always barber college. (RIP Patrick)


    One great way to make money with a photography is to create a photoblog. With a photoblog, you will continue to post your pictures, but you do so on your own site. To this site you can add affiliate links and ads. Furthermore, you may be able to sell links and ad space directly. Some people may even become interested in buying prints of your photos! This is likely the best strategy to monetize your photography.