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Interactive Panoramas: Techniques for Digital Panoramic Photography

  • ISBN13: 9783540211402
  • Condition: USED – VERY GOOD
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Product Description

Panoramas have a captivating effect, whether integrated in a personal homepage or professionally used in architecture, in museums or in company or product presentations. Written in a comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand format, this book details all of the necessary steps involved in panoramic photography: from the production of digital and analog picture sequences,
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Interactive Panoramas: Techniques for Digital Panoramic Photography



  • Hans Couckuyt

    If you are interested in all aspects of panorama photography (cheap and expensive ones, easy and difficult ones, it’s history, …) then this book gives a good overview of solutions on the market.

    If you did already some research on the net about the subject because you want to come immediately to the point, there is not so much reading to do.

    I’ll take this purchase as a lesson for the future: I browse the internet for information and if I don’t find enough, then I will turn to “buying books”.

    Rating: 3 / 5

  • Thalis Blaggidis

    From my point of view this book is really good for novice panoramic photographers (or for them that haven’t search the net well). It gives some overall information about panoramic techniques and then describes some programs with which you can produce interactive (or simple) panoramas. The reality is that in the Internet you can find find lot more information about panoramas BUT from different sources.

    Although it is useful this book’s price is quite high.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  • Doug Aurand

    Interactive Panoramas is a good introduction to a photographer thinking about adding this type of media to their product list. It covers cameras, lenses, software and equipment.

    It even includes Demo versions of some of the popular Virtual Imaging software although the technology is changing so fast, the versions are a little old now.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  • Christopher Glick

    Yes, this is an expensive book, and it probably is meant as a textbook (and would be a decent one), but if you are a true photo novice seeking to get involved with interactive panorama photography, this is fairly cheap once you consider the money you will likely eventually spend for camera, lens(es), software, tripod, and panohead. By putting in one place much information you could cull for free from various sources on the Internet (namely, software reviews, analog vs. digital camera comparisons, nodal point, lenses, and codecs), this book might help you make better choices when it comes time to buy your equipment and start shooting and stitching. For the absolute beginner, 4 stars.

    This book covers much software, for both Windows and Macintosh, quite thoroughly in terms of its operation (however, software development cycles will probably soon render this section of the book out-of-date). However, for Mac users, it omits the software from Click Here Design.

    If you’ve already shot a few panoramas, even bad ones, this book will offer you little benefit (2 stars). Case in point: I use “VR Worx 2.6″ and feel that software’s manual provides almost as much information as this book, which in fact covers “VR Worx 2.5.” I was looking for tips, techniques, ideas, and examples when I bought this book, but that’s not really what I found in it.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  • Luca Vascon

    Software manuals come and go, as fast as software versions. This is not the case.

    This book is quite unique, is one-of-a-kind, an “all ways and softwares existing to do this” manual.

    But not only. Is a book on immersive imaging itself, leading the reader through the whole process, from taking the pictures to the final way to show them, in presentations or over the web.

    The amazing thing is that quite all workflows are considered, with any kind of camera, hadrware, software and result combination. Any software has his own detailed and exaustive explanation, its features etcetera.

    A vademecum, able to lead you in the world of creating panoramas and VR objects, even if you do not know anything about it. But it is so complete that even an expert can use it as reference. Simple language, very good diagrams, pictures, snapshots and explanation, and very tidy and clear.

    Well, it is like a complete surfing on the net, through thousand pages, tutorials, links and bonus, trying to understand how these tings works, plus some months trying to make work many software demos. All this work is done and put in a tidy form for you, in this book. And it is something that remains, over the aging of softwares, since it gives you all the informations and links you need to stay up to date.

    Dr. Luca Vascon

    Teacher in immersive imaging technologies.

    IUAV University of Venice, Italy.
    Rating: 5 / 5