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How To Use Online Video for Real Estate Marketing

Over the last 10 years the real estate business has seen big changes through the use of the internet. Starting with text ads and images, Realtors quickly turned to 360 virtual tours and slide shows to increase the value of their listings in directories and on websites. Understand that video has even more impact than all the other promotions combined.

Most of people who are interested in finding homes, properties and commercial real estate, use the internet to begin their search. While still most of the websites rely on text and pictures, some real estate marketing specialists understand that a video has way more value than a page full of pictures.

Video tours are a must today on the internet. There are different strategies that you can apply in a video. You can show a house, you can show a Realtor showing a house and you can show a Realtor presenting himself, his company or his professional attitude.

Creating videos on the internet has become an easy process. Most real estate marketers still rely only on services like YouTube to present their online videos, even though there are a lot more websites offering free hosting and syndication of video content for free. If you rather stick to selling houses, then you can also use a company like to syndicate your videos.

Editing videos is actually not a rocket science anymore either. Simple drag and drop functionality of programs like Mac’s iMovie or Microsoft’s Movie Maker can create high quality videos. And it will only take a very short time to learn these products. Don’t forget to include your phone number and domain name in the video, so people know how to contact you. If you need a camera, I would start with a simple HD camera like the Flip.

Competition is fierce on the internet and I hear many Realtors complain that they didn’t see the internet change so much. Many of them focused mainly on paid advertising and see that they don’t get the bang for the buck anymore. So if you feel you need a new marketing strategy give online videos a shot.

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