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How to do this in Photoshop? (the “little world”, panorama effect)?

The “own little world” effect, like these:

Panorama Kopenhagen - the little world




  • fhotoace

    The first shot is as shot using a special tool which is mounted on a tripod and attached to the camera. About $1,000

    If you can find an old Nikon Coolpix 950, 990 or 995 you can use an add-on fisheye lens FC-E8 that covers 183 degrees.


    NOTE: Thanks Perki, I tried it using an original fisheye shot and it sure worked.

    I guess I am too into the commercial aspect if shooting images

  • Perki88

    Here is a tutorial…it’s quite easy with Elements, Photoshop, etc>

    Sorry Ace, it’s just a post editing trick.
    • Choose a panoramic photo (it is best if the colors on each side are a close match).
    • Go to Image>ImageSize (Unclick constrain proportions and make the height pixels the
    same size as the width pixels
    • Go to Image>Rotate Canvas>180
    • Back again to Filter>Distort>PolarCoordinates making sure “Rectangular to Polar” is
    • Use Clone, Smudge and other tools to blend the seam of your
    small planet..
    Now that your planet is
    created, you may rest again.
    Experimenting with
    different images will give you a
    variety of interesting results.
    Have fun!
    Circles and Planets

    Edited to add: Thanks, guys, I actually lifted the directions from an article I wrote about it three years ago!

  • Fishmeister

    Excellent instructions Perki!. I’m not madly keen on those images but I have to be honest, I may consider making a couple myself when bored… And now I know how!.