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HDR Photography

This is a slideshow with my HDR photos showing the before and after effect of the process. All photos were taken in Jacksonville, Florida and processed with Photomatix Pro and Photoshop CS2.



  • toothfairyntrng

    This is amazing!

  • zgmattie

    That is some amazing pictures you have thar. :)

  • JamesClark20

    check out some of my hdr photographs :) i posted them in a video response :D

  • andreycbr

    Simply perfect i love it.

  • chasen310

    hey could you teach me how to shoot in HDR PLEASE thank you=]

  • yamahamax33

    I got the Song Name!

    Nara – E.S. Posthumus

  • robojuan

    looks cool- try not to go overboard though…when working on a piece too long it’s hard to see it with fresh eyes

  • cladnine

    Very nice work. Big up!

  • spartin215

    wow these are AMAZING!! just a quick question….did you use a single RAW file or 3 pictures at different exposures?

  • khellendrose

    I dont know what to say, thats is some really amazing work. I was told about this at Futureshop today when I ordered my new Camera. I am so going to get some software for this.

  • dayingyang0

    Some were way over HDR’ed for my taste, but still nice slide show.

  • elitestrrts

    holy shit! haha i have basically the same pictures that u have taken in Jacksonville florida right??? i wish i knew how to do HDR then mine and urs would look almost identical

  • rkwan01

    Nice video. Thanks for sharing :)

  • thefan12345

    some great images… what’s the song?

  • 86Matti

    What’s the music?

  • 4dshnik

    ??? ?? ?????? ????? ?????????

  • dansedermisiniz

    :) same question can be asked by many people :)

  • GeorgeMaj15

    I’m good at taking the shots… I can’t tone map to save my life. I really wish someone local or somewhere on the internet can say “do these settings” because honestly I feel that I’m screwing up one slider or two. Spectacular images, by the way.

  • aimanni99

    how to get hdr? please , help me :(

  • electrodose

    sweet ending..

  • Clydesdale2045

    Although subjective, my $0.02 is you made the sky too dark very often. To reproduce what the human eye sees like in a photo the sky needs to be around 1 stop brighter than the ground & reflections. Many of your pics the ground looks about 1/2 stop brighterwhich in nature is pretty much impossible making them look edited and surreal.

  • winni78

    Do you work with 1 RAW or with many JPEG?

  • saguerom

    Nice job.

  • pedalman

    If you dont fiddle around to much in photoshop you can get realistic looking HDR images…….depends what you want as an end result.
    Im not against “cartoon” like results, some look like oil paintings to me.

  • connorphotos

    what is the name of the song?