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Farm Country: Panoramic Photography of Rural New Zealand

Product Description
The beauty of New Zealand’s rural landscape is often overshadowed by the grander and more iconic wilderness scenery that is used to market us internationally. Yet, as rural people have always known, no-one travelling through New Zealand can avoid being struck by how attractive and appealing so much of our farmed countryside actually is. Farm Country is a tribute to this beauty from New Zealand’s leading panoramic photographer, Andris Apse. He has always had a great affection for the rural landscape, and has spent many years photographing it all over New Zealand. The best of these stunning photographs are collected in this book, which consequently presents the many different faces of farming. This includes dairying, beef production, pastoral and high-country sheep farming, arable cropping, viticulture and horticulture. Farm Country also has informative and detailed captions to accompany the photos, which, with the introduction, provide a brief but insightful overview of our agricultural industry. This book fills an important gap in pictorial books about New Zealand by providing an affordable memento for the many visitors who are enthralled by our rural life, as well as for the domestic rural community who want something that reflects their own environment.
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Farm Country: Panoramic Photography of Rural New Zealand