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Digital Camera Wide Angle Converter confusion?

I have a Konica Minolta Dimage Z6 digital camera. It is not an SLR. I want to zoom in as much as possible and am under the impression that getting a lense attachment might help me to zoom in even more. I also like to take sports shots so slowing an image for a clear shot would be paramount. I am looking online for more information but am not camer literate so maybe you can help. Does the following information I have copied from a website seem to describe what I am looking to accomplish?

The optional Wide-angle Converter ZCW-300 KIT includes a 0.75x wide-angle lens to let you include more of the scene in your composition. With its 26mm wide angle, the converter lens is ideal for panoramic landscape shots or architectural photography, as well as tight indoor scenes.


Using the hot shoe connector you can attach the high power Minolta Maxxum Program Flash 5600 HS (shown), Program Flash 3600 HS or the compact 2500D flash which offer versatile functions such as auto power zo



  • George Y

    The wide angle attachment will do the opposite of what you seek. It gives a wider view, so the result looks like you’ve stepped back when taking the picture. It’s best for scenics or groupshots when you’re in tight spaces. Look for a Tele convertor, but don’t expect miracles. You’ll probably gain 25-35% but at a loss of sharpness and light.

    The Flash kit would give you more flash range and slow down the action, but only in indoor settings.

  • Bob G

    George is correct…the wide angle does the oppostite of what you want. The Z6 has a 12x zoom lens and I was unable to find a teleconverter (this magnifies or zooms in on the image more) for the camera on the Internet shopping sites.

    But 12x is very good for a zoom lens so you should be ok. Here’s a couple tips for sports photography:

    Note: The maximum light sensitivity of the Z6 is ISO 320. This is not very sensitive and may hamper your ability to get good shots at night. You should be ok in bright sunlight though.

    Set the ISO at 320
    Set your exposure mode for aperature priority
    Set the aperature at f2.8

    You could even try setting the ev control for -.3 or -.7 as long as it doesn’t underexpose your photos. This will allow you to get a little faster shutter speed. Don’t underexpose night photos though as this will lead to increased noise.

    You will get the fastest shutter speed to freeze action this way.

    Your flash only has a range of 6-10 feet so it won’t be useful unless you’re right on top of the action. Double check to see that the flash is turned off or it may slow down your shutter speed

    Shooting tip: Pan your camera with the action so the subject stays relatively still (and sharp) in the center of the frame and the background will be blurred. This will give your pics the feeling of motion.