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Creative photography tips

It is a photographers creativity that separates the stunning photographs from the rather ordinary ones. to see my video tutorial. I believe that photography is about creativity rather than equipment and technical expertise. Enthusiasm, attention to detail, looking for opportunities and CREATIVITY has enabled me to travel the world as a professional photographer.



  • Penguinphotography

    I agree the camera is only part of what makes a good photograph. I started with simple point and shoot and some of those photos are my best. I did want a little more so I bought my Pentax k-7 because I like the feel of the Pentax in my hand. Also again I believe there is no right or wrong camera for a beginner or a pro it is what works for you and feels right.

  • DavidBoag

    @nerxboy I am perfectly happy to use either my full-frame of 1/2 frame – both sell equally well and are impossible to tell apart when printed in a book. So for me, as a professional, it’s not a “big deal” – I use whichever is appropriate at the time. The point I was actually making in the fun YouTube was dont make excuses about not having the best equipment – you can still take wonderful images even with less expensive equipment IF you are creative!

  • DavidBoag

    @nerxboy You use the words a “better photo”. I think that is where we differ. You are talking about quality of detail when printed large. For most people who are looking at pictures on a screen or printing less than A4 that is not an issue. For me a “better photo” is to do with creativity. Many photographers have “5k+” equipment and still can’t get a good image – in effect they have perfectly sharp and detailed images that they are disappointed with.

  • nerxboy

    @DavidBoag i get your point, but im still in favor of my mind… why would all the great photographers have 5k+ worth of equipment? there is at least a 30% change to a better photo. and as you’ve said.. of course you can make a stunning picture with consumer grade cameras, it just takes much longer.
    yeah i have a deviantart account. ill send you link through the PM system.

  • DavidBoag

    @nerxboy If you need the most expensive camera etc. to take good images then that is fine – I have no problem with that. I fully understand that many people (especially men) enjoy the ‘best’ equipment, so for them it is a ‘big deal’. But for me the ‘big deal’ is getting results that sell consistently and creating images that fulfill a purpose. We are all different, neither of us are wrong. Do you have a flickr account or web site?

  • nerxboy

    this is so not true. sure it depends on the one who interacts with the camera, but its a BIG DEAL to own a full-frame camera and a good glass.

  • Xeo989

    Bueno !! Thanks

  • baymagic

    i like your way to expression and emphasise the words. Helpful tutorial for beginners. Keep it up. Thanks.

  • agun17

    Campleete with flamingaws.

    xD love the accent.

  • AlexMoores

    That’s not completely true though, because the camera can be a limiting factor in many ways. If you want to take fast sports sequences then instantly those cameras are limiting, or if you want to make large prints.

  • djjvj

    Really Great tutorial.
    Thanks for the Tips

  • sreemoymitra2003

    Great tutorial.Really helpful for all photographers,Thank you very much.

  • BarbaraBlu

    Really great tips! Good explanations, very usefull for beginners.
    I completely agree with you, it’s not (only) an expensive camera that make you a good photographer but the way you look at the world through it !!
    Even if i think that not all people have inside (or can approach with good tips) the good point of view….that’s one reason about why there are good and bad photographers, in my opinion obviously.

  • TerryToggs

    all ready? try already

  • DavidBoag

    I am sure that both of those cameras will take better photographs than either you or I. The camera is not the limiting factor – it is our ability! Although I use Nikon, I think Cannon is probably equally good and I am afraid I have no personal experience of either of the models you mention. I am sorry that I cannot help you further – Go to a shop and handle them both and buy the one that feels best in your hands. YOU ARE THE CREATIVE not the camera and it will be as good as YOU !

  • aimanni99

    which one better?

    nikon d5000 or canon eos 500d?

    i really need your help

  • IzzyTheNotSoTerrible

    Enjoyed this. Thank you for the tutorial.

  • ValueMSW

    great clip!

  • IntensePizza

    Any entry-level dslr. Theres no such thing as the “best” camera for a beginner.

  • carianoff

    Any camera is.

  • 904SF

    I can tell your new in “Fotography” lol just look how you spell it!

  • Kakashibiutyd

    I have an Olympus Sp565-UZ
    It’s a little pricey, but it’s a fantastic camera!!!

  • Maio0oia

    I know the most important thing is creativity but I just want to have an idea about digital cameras. :) )

  • Maio0oia

    oh yes, what is the best digital camera for beginners??

  • Maio0oia

    Woooooooooooow, this is really amazing.The website is awesome too. I’m a beginner;
    I wish I would be a great photographer just like you.
    Thanks very much for sharing.