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Complete Digital Photography

Product Description
Complete Digital Photography is written for photographers of all skill levels who want to use digital cameras to produce quality images. If you’re an amateur or hobbyist photographer looking to take better pictures, and you’ve decided to use a digital camera instead of traditional film, this book will show you the fundamental technical concerns of shooting good pictures. If you’re an experienced film photographer interested in making the switch to digital photography, and you want to understand the new technology, you’ll learn what’s really different about working with a digital camera.

In this updated, full-color edition, you’ll learn about the latest cameras and technologies, as well as the most recent updates to the software and hardware that you need to edit and print your pictures. Using a variety of practical tutorials, you’ll learn about the technical details you need to understand to produce high-quality digital photographs, including image editing, retouching, color correction, noise reduction, compositing, masking, special effects, and more. The image editing examples and tutorials are built around Adobe Photoshop; however, because most image editing programs have the same basic tools and interface, the concepts and examples covered apply to just about any image editing tool.


* Presents a beautiful, full-color guide to digital photography

* Teaches professional photography techniques that will help you take better digital pictures

* Includes a variety of practical lessons and tutorials, including new video tutorials (on the CD-ROM) on noise reduction, color correction, and cloning

* Contains updated information on editing and special effects

* Explains how to select a camera for your specific needs along with the hardware and software you’ll need to create a powerful digital photography system


* IMAGES: Many of the images found in the book in JPEG or TIFF format along with comparison photos taken with a number of different cameras are included on the CD allowing you to examine them more closely, or even print them out on your printer of choice.

All of the files you need to complete the book’s tutorials.

QuickTime movie tutorials demonstrating several image editing techniques, including noise reduction, color correction, and cloning.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2 (WIN/MAC)
– Adobe Systems Incorporated
ImageBuddy (MAC)
– KepMad Systems
iView MediaPro (MAC)
– iView Multimedia Ltd.
PhotoRescue (MAC)
– DataRescue
Portraits & Prints (MAC)
– Econ Technologies, Inc.
Quantum Mechanic (WIN/MAC)
– Camera Bits
Qimage Pro (WIN)
– Digital Domain, Inc.


Both systems require QuickTime 6. MACINTOSH: Power PC-based Mac with 128 MB of RAM and 350 MB of free disc space; System 9.1, 9.2.x, or Mac OS X v10.1.3 or later; Color monitor and video card capable of displaying thousands of colors; Monitor resolution of 800 x 600 or greater; CD-ROM drive. WINDOWS: Pentium processor with 128 MB of RAM and 150 MB of free disk space; Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 2000, or Windows XP Home/Professional; Color monitor and video card capable of displaying thousands of colors; Monitor resolution of 800 x 600 or greater; CR-ROM drive
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Complete Digital Photography



  • Ian Lynch

    I should have done extensive research prior to buying this book, it lacks a very important feature in my opinion, the sample pictures have no information on how it was taken, no shutter speed, ISO lens or F-stop guides. I later found such a book, but I will allow you to do your own research.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  • Ancel Adams

    While Ben may have some good ideas, he clearly lacks in the knowledge of the cameras. This shows through time and again. For example, the fact that he will choose a camera of a specific brand over a better camera from another brand only because of the name printed on the body is simply laughable. Very biased towards certain products without regard for what works best. Sometimes when he gives advise that is completely wrong simply because he doesn’t know enough on how to use a particular device or technique.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  • Anth H.

    I liked this book very much. It had just about everything I needed to know. I recommend it highly.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Matthew Cooper

    Over half of this book is garbage. The author doesn’t go into important aspects of digital photography that any photographer should learn. There’s not enough information on ISOs, it doesn’t explain the combination of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO in relation to the photograph being taken. There are spelling and grammatical errors strewn throughout the book, and it’s not organized in a manner that will really help anyone take better photos. If I were to give an accurate description for this book, I’d say it’s an author getting paid to try and sell an uneducated person some manner of digital camera. The most use I’ll actually get out of this book is by using it for fire fuel to heat myself in the winter. For anyone that would like to learn the basics of photography, be they film or digital, I would recommend Henry Horenstein’s Black and White Photography or anything written by Ansel Adams. Another useful tool for amateur and professional photographers alike is Ken Rockwell’s web site on how to take great photos at .
    Rating: 1 / 5

  • L. Jans

    i got this for school, it was required. i’ve only had to read one chapter so far, and it was OK. i didn’t fall asleep and it was not too hard to understand.
    Rating: 4 / 5