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SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend Unveils New World Record-Sized Photo

Prague, Czech Republic, March 28, 2011 – A newly published photo of the ancient Philosophical
Library at Strahov Monastery takes the crown as the largest interior photo in the world. The
image of Strahov Philosophical Library, at, has a total resolution of 40
gigapixels, or 40 billion pixels.
Shot by photographer Jeffrey Martin over a period of five days, the image reveals the highestresolution
view of any interior space that has ever been captured. In the image, thousands of
priceless, ancient books are visible, in detail down to the worn leather on the spines; the fresco
on the ceiling of the library is captured down to the brush strokes and cracks in the plaster. In
short, this photo captures the details of room in a way that has never been done before.
Previous attempts at world record gigapixels include Martin’s 80-gigapixel image of London,
a 26-gigapixel image of Paris, a 70-gigapixel image of Budapest, a 26-gigapixel image of
Dresden, and Martin’s previous record holder from 2009, an 18-gigapixel spherical image of
Prague. This new Strahov 40 gigapixel image, if printed at normal photographic resolution,
would be 23 meters long and 12 meters tall.
Martin, a panoramic photographer and the Founder of, created the Strahov 40
gigapixel image from 2947 high-resolution individual photos. These photos were then stitched
together into one single image using a powerful workstation PC.
Further information about the making of this image can be found at
About 360 Cities
360 Cities is dedicated to promoting geo-located, high-resolution spherical imagery by providing
the best- anywhere platform for publishing panoramic photography on the web.
is the web’s largest collection of spherical, map-based panoramas, and through its partnership
with Google Earth, this content is introduced to an even wider audience worldwide. 360 Cities is
a Netherlands limited company with a subsidiary in Prague, Czech Republic.
Jeffrey Martin – Founder, 360 Cities
email: [email protected]

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