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Monthly Archives: September 2011

How do you make a panorama from multiple photos?

by marcosvidal

Panoramic photography

Question by The Bible (gives Hope): How do you make a panorama from multiple photos?
I took some shots of some mountains. I want to combine several photos into one panorama photo. I’ve seen this before. I have a Photo Editor software, but it’s not very advanced. I supposed I could crudely do this in Paint, but is there some way to do this in most photo editors?

Best answer:

Answer by stuart e
easy. send me the pictures. ill put them all together for you..

take several pictures while turning on the stop

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What better way to present your company than through a virtual tour?

virtual tour for companies

Perhaps one of the most efficient and guaranteed to deliver the expected results is the one involving virtual tours. Whether you’re the owner of a large corporation, a five-star relaxation spa or a deluxe hotel, you should be aware that a simple virtual tour posted on your website can really attract and maintain the interest of people. These people are potential customers, customers that you want to obtain their loyalty and keep them away from the competition. Well, using panoramic virtual tours is one sure way to ensure that things stay just they way you want to.
There is a big difference between a virtual tour and some pictures thrown in for the mix. Property virtual tours offer an experience that is unique, regardless from the point of view you look at it. If you want to convince yourself of how popular virtual tour photography has become, all you have to do is perform a simple search on a major search engines and see the results. Even if you are under a tight budget, that doesn’t meant that you cannot have quality advertising for your company. Yes, you can consider a virtual tour as a form of advertising, as it presents your business and the strong points of your company. A good virtual tour provider will know how to select the best shots for your virtual tour, making sure that you are completely satisfied with the work provided.
As you have probably understood by now, virtual tours have become important concepts of Internet marketing. More and more companies decide to present their location and actual business over the Internet, appealing to professional virtual tours. A virtual tour that presents everything is indeed to be appreciated, allowing website visitors to ‘enter’ that location on the spot and enjoy their incursion. Panoramic virtual tours have interactive box information, offering details on the most important aspects. They can be customized, depending on the client’s requirements and personal preferences.
How can you actually request a virtual tour? First of all, you go online and search for a reliable virtual tour provider. Once you have found someone with experience, make sure you fill out a quote and proceed from there. Photographers will arrive to the location desired and take care of the whole virtual tour photography part. The virtual tour will then be organized and sent to you for approval. As for the information that you will have to include in the quote, please do not forget to mention your name, email address and even offer some details about the project you had in mind.
As the most important thing is to bring your brand into the spotlight, you should know that there are several skins from which you can choose for your virtual tour. This will only contribute towards making your virtual tour even more appealing for the general public, which is, after all, one of the things that interest business owners the most!


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