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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Summer Calm in the New Caledonia Lagoon

pacific island new caledonia  stunning virtual tour

Summer Calm in the New Caledonia Lagoon in New Caledonia

The crying sounds of puffins nesting on Ilot Mato wake up on the 23rd of March at 05:30. They cry like a moaning baby – a very erie sound. Then it dawns on me that there is absolute quiet – except for the birds ashore. Not a sound. No wind, no waves, not a peep from the sea birds that typically start work at dawn. I get up and go on deck to look around. It is so calm the sea is a mirror reflecting the cloudy sky. And there is no horizon at all. Now most sensible people would smile and go back to bed – but I quickly go below to grab my camera and then – on tip toe so I don’t make even a slight wave on the sea – I take a sphere image of this amazing morning. It is perfect for the theme of World Wide Panorama’s current global snapshot of our planet – “limits.” I will call it “Zero Limit Dawn Horizon” A horizon without limits extending around our planet in every direction. For me it is the dawn of a very active day because when it is really calm like this we can motor slowly over the reefs with the dinghy and see the coral reefs and fish as if there was no water at all.

Also, when it is calm like this the surface of the sea is like a mirror when you look up at it from underwater. I will take some underwater sphere images with the mirrored surface reflecting the reefs. If, that is, the dawn calm lasts long enough. Actually I have three likely spots picked out already. There is a coral reef nursery area that we explored yesterday, and a colony of clown fish, a lovely thicket of bright blue staghorn coral out by the pass. They would all be fantastic with a mirror above them. We’ll head off for a day of fun in the sun right after breakfast.

The World’s Largest 360-degree Sports Photo

While the football fans among you were following Manchester City and Stoke City battling it out for this year’s FA Cup yesterday at Wembley Stadium in London, 360 Cities founder Jeff Martin was pitch-side capturing a 20-gigapixel photo of the crowd – the largest-yet 360-degree photo of a sports event.

The image has now been launched on – less than 24 hours after shooting! People viewing the image can tag themselves or their friends if they were in the 90,000-strong audience. Our talented team also built the website and created the tagging application. There are a lot of famous faces in the crowd. Stay tuned as the number of face-tags starts building up. [update - 1200 tags added in the first hour!]

This event is a major accomplishment for 360 Cities. Working with Wembley for several weeks in advance, the shoot was meticulously planned and rehearsed. There were only 90 minutes of shooting time to work with. By contrast, our earlier gigapixel images of, for example, Prague, London and the Strahov Library were shot over days. Jeff was  present for the FA Cup semi-final in May to do a dry-run. Wembley’s excellent agency Dare Digital organized everything with skill and creativity. Read all about how we did it on the How We Did It page.

Jeff Martin preparing for the semi-final dry run

How 360 Panoramic Virtual Tour Technology Beats Normal Photography Hands Down

Screen giving virtual tour of upper floor of m...

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Virtual tours for your website

Creating your website will require the best of everything. The content of your website is what will draw and keep traffic coming to your site. You will therefore need high quality content which must be presented in the most appealing manner possible. It is worse to have high quality content poorly presented, than having poor quality being well presented. Strong influence on making decision to do business with you or not by everyone who visits your website depends on what you have on your site.

Content in the web is presented in different forms including, pictures, text, videos, a 360 virtual tour and audios. A combination of all these or some of them is what most websites have. Visual content is usually a powerful marketing tool since it allows potential clients to actually see what they are looking to buy. Pictures, videos and panoramic virtual tours are forms of visual content. A virtual tour provider embraces video and still photographs in creating a presentation that gives the impression of walking through a location. The term however more often applies to the use of still pictures in putting together the virtual tour. There is great detail delivered through the presentation and the dynamic display is more interactive as compared to standard photos that may be displayed on the website.

There are certain businesses that need to give a great amount of visual information to potential clients. To deliver marketing messages to clients in industries such as hospitality, real estate and export the use of powerful visual tool is used. However, for a long time still pictures and videos have long been the only option to communicate with the clients. Web content has been improved on the delivery of high quality by the aid of virtual tour. Virtual tour gives your clients a better experiences as compared to showing them photos of your home, hotel or goods. Through specialized software the business owners who decide to go for virtual tour technology find several important benefits.

The inclusion of text information in the presentation allowed by the virtual technology currently is a plus apart from the beauty and greater detail of the presentation. You can include more facts about your location or parts of it by having hotspots. One thing marketing requires is dramatization which cannot be found in standard photographs. Stirring an interest and giving people a reason to follow up is what virtual tour does.

It is definitely easier and cheaper to use standard photographs on your website than virtual tour technology, The angle of how effective each option is, is what businesses should look at. High traffic and higher sales are delivered by virtual tour technology. What every business is looking to achieve, is high returns which may require higher amount of capital investment. Using virtual tour technology is the way to go for those who are not already using it.

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Cave Baredine in istria,croatia

Cave Baredine, the big chamber in Istria

The sightseeing lasts 40 minutes, visitors descend along a 300m long pathway up to 60m below the ground and an underground lake and visit 5 beatifully decorated chambers.