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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Lastest Photography auctions

Some recent photography auctions on eBay: G3B25SZVEKNB

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Nice Popular photos

Check out these popular images:

The supreme triumph of a popular song — its hand-organ appe…

Image by New York Public Library
Digital ID: 832989. The supreme triumph of a popular song — its hand-organ appearance on the East side.. 1898

Notes: Written on border: ‘Nov. 1898′

Source: Mid-Manhattan Picture Collection / Music — street organ (more info)

Repository: The New York Public Library. Mid-Manhattan Library. Picture Collection.

See more information about this image and others at NYPL Digital Gallery.
Persistent URL:

Rights Info: No known copyright restrictions; may be subject to third party rights (for more information, click here)

Published in the October issue of Popular Photography magazine!

Image by Thomas Shahan
Tell your friends, rush to the stores – a photo I took of a female Maevia inclemens jumping spider is in October issue of Popular Photography magazine! When I sent them the image, I didn’t expect them to print it for a two page spread!

Not only is this is a substantial honor for me – it’s fantastic publicity for salticids! According to Wikipedia (obviously not the most reliable source) this magazine has a "a total audience of 2,085,000". If true, that is ridiculous! I can only imagine the thoughts going through the minds of folks out there that have never seen a salticid before.

I apologize for the incredibly sparse and infrequent uploads recently, it’s just that I have been incredibly busy as of late. But, no need to worry – I have plenty of great shots on reserve just waiting to be edited and uploaded!

This modest newfound fame has brought something to my attention – it’s really a shame that Popular Photography had to list my flickr address as a way to see more of my photos. It’s just simply too long and makes me seem a bit amateurish. To be clear – I love flickr, but I really should have my own domain at this point for situations like this.

I’ve been thinking of possible domains over the past few days… any ideas?

There’s several other exciting things that may be happening for me in the near future – the possibility of being in "Popular Science" magazine, featured in the artwork for a major videogame, exhibited in museums, and more… I’ll keep you guys updated if anything major happens! It’s certainly an exciting time to be a bug photographer!

For more things Thomas: – my vintage guitar website. – my videos over at youtube. Lots of spider videos! – some of my more recent artwork.

Teatro Popular [ Niemeyer ]

Image by rafaelcarlesso
Construído em concreto armado, o Teatro Popular é uma grande cobertura curva que se origina nas empenas do edifício. Os 3,5 mil metros quadrados de área construída se distribuem nos pisos térreo e superior. Neste encontra-se o auditório, com capacidade para 400 lugares. Do térreo parte uma rampa helicoidal, também de concreto armado, que conduz o visitante ao foyer do teatro, espaço que tem 580 metros quadrados.

Teatro Popular
Niterói, Rio de Janeiro

Arq. Oscar Niemeyer

Beautiful Panoramas Brings Gorgeous, High Resolution, 360 Degree Panoramas to your iPad

Beautiful Panoramas Brings Gorgeous, High Resolution, 360 Degree Panoramas to your iPad
Beautiful Panoramas transforms your iPad into the most compelling panorama display device you have ever used. Beautiful Panoramas on iPad introduces a new level of deeply immersive panoramic viewing that makes panoramas on the desktop Web look and feel clunky and outdated by comparison.
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Hugin Tutorial: Spherical Panoramas from fisheye images

In this short tutorial we will stitch together a 360×180 degree equirectangular (or spherical) panorama. Download hugin from:
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Testing different media on the projector