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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Aerial Photography or Mast Photography – How to Elevate?

There are many companies throughout the UK offering Aerial Photography from aircraft but also several offering mast photography. These offer very different products and the end use, location and size of site will dictate which is the most appropriate.

Mast Photography is where a camera is elevated from a fixed point on the ground using an extended pole or mast. This is often hydraulically operated although some manual systems still exist. Conventional Aerial Photography utilizes an aircraft such as a Cessna or a Robinson Helicopter. Both mast and conventional aerial photographic companies will often have their own extensive Aerial Photographic Library.

Although it would appear that mast photography would be lower cost it must be remembered that the photographer (with mast) must travel to the site and once at a site it takes time to set up the mast in each position. Due to these timely processes the price is often similar.

Event Photography is often undertaken using a combination of both mast photography and aerial photography due to the differences in the results. It also allows greater coverage and a much greater variety of angles.

Although some forms of Construction Photography benefit from mast photography large construction projects will often require conventional aerials as greater height will be needed. This is especially true if local transport links need to be included which may be several miles from the site. Progress Photography of building projects will often have a similar brief but ultimately the type of photography used will be dictated by the size of the site and the desired content.

South African born Keith has lived in the south of England for most of his life. After graduating from University with a degree in Business Information Systems Management he decided to start Strawberrysoup; a website design company based in West Sussex and Dorset.

Keith successfully gained entry into the Southampton University Air Squadron and spent over 12 months training to fly. Since then he has continued to follow his interest in flying and has now began his own training in the form of a Private Pilot’s Licence.

Keith also spent 13 months working within the Image and Printing Group at Hewlett Packard in Bracknell. Throughout his time there, he was responsible for many activities including events organisation and website design and maintenance.

Panoramic Pictures

Since the dawn of the photographic age, in the early eighteen hundreds, artists and photographers have pushed the limits of this incredible invention. Over the years, constant innovations and advancements in photographic technology have turned novice picture takers into real camera hounds. One aspect of photography that has fascinated professionals and amateurs alike is the panoramic image.

In the early days of photography, capturing a photographic image was a laborious task. Unlike the almost instantaneous results available through modern digital technology, the process of permanently fixing an image to a photographic plate could take hours.

Panoramic images are not formally defined but generally extend beyond what is considered a wide angle shot. Wide angle photo images are taken in a single camera shot using a lens that shortens the focal length of a standard lens and increases the view angle. Panoramic images feature an extremely wide view angle and can produce very unique still images of landscapes, structures and other subject matter.

A super wide angle lens produces a fish eye view that contains a great deal of optical and dimensional distortion. So it is accurate to think of panoramas as super wide angle images that can have far less visual distortion. The lack of distortion gives the viewer the impression of the subject as it might be seen through eyes of the viewer. Some panoramic images are will retain some degree of visual distortion and this may be the result of purposeful decision on the part of the photographer.

Even in the early days of photography, successful attempts were made to create stunning three hundred and sixty degree panoramas. The creation of these images was truly a technological innovation for the time and demand to possess and collect these images began to grow.

By pushing the limits of equipment, lighting, film quality and processing, photographers have discovered new and exciting ways to create photographic images. The advent of digital photography has raised picture taking to an entirely new level. Digital technology has made the creation of panoramic images much easier. Even the invention of the airplane provided photographers with opportunities to give us images that were impossible to capture before the invention of powered flight.

Many panoramas are actually a compilation of two or more photographic images. The multiple images are combined using a process that some refer to as stitching. The entire process of creating panoramas has been made easier with the development of specialized computer software. Many smaller images can be stitched together with a high degree of accuracy. These powerful software tools also allow the panoramic artist to enhance the image in many different ways.

Colors can be balanced and flaws in the image corrected in a matter of minutes. Prior to the introduction of digital technology, retouching the image could be very time consuming. In the days of film photography, the image would need to be spray painted, or airbrushed, using very fine, handheld spray nozzles. The touchup artist needed a keen eye for detail and a very steady hand.

The demand for panoramic images has increased steadily over the years. Digital photo technology has greatly increased the availability of panoramas and the variety of images and subject matter has increased as well. Cityscapes have always been very popular with buyers. Demand has also grown sports and entertainment images like sports stadiums, golf courses and racetracks.

Panoramas can be used to express a number of themes from the starkly realistic to the highly artistic. For the most part, panoramas express visions of reality in ways that are not possible through viewing an ordinary photograph. The grandeur of the Grand Canyon or the power of Niagara Falls, as seen through a panoramic image would surely be understated when viewed as mere snapshot.

Mitch Endick is a short article writer for the popular framed panorama site: He provides informative advice on purchasing quality framed panoramas and photoramics.

Taking Panoramic Digital Photography Workshops

There are many things that you can learn by going to workshops. Traditionally, workshops are time when you can work with an instructor and with other people who want to learn to do things in the same way that you do. You can all work together on the task at hand, and most of the time you can critique each others work as well as do work as a group. Going to panoramic digital photography workshops can be a great way to discuss your various panoramic photos, and to talk to others about the skills that you need to create them in even greater depth.

What You Can Do

There are many things that you can do at panoramic digital photography workshops. First of all, in the group of people there is going to be an instructor, someone who is probably very good at digital panoramic shots, who can give you tips about how to make your digitals even better, and what you can do to improve your technique.

There will also be many people in the panoramic digital photography workshops with you that can give you pointers and help you to get even better at your photography. There is a great thing that happens in most of the panoramic digital photography workshops, which is discussion of the work of others. You can bring in some of your panoramic shots, and the group can talk about the things that you did well, and the things that you should work on so that you can get even better at doing panoramic shots.

Where Can You Find Them

If you are interested in panoramic digital photography workshops you can usually find some adds for them in your local papers or in magazines that deal with arts and crafts like photography. If there is a college near you, you can look to see what kind of photography classes they are offering and see what it would take to do some panoramic digital photography workshops.

If you can find the right panoramic digital photography workshops for you to join with the right group of people, you can find that your skill as a photographer is going to get better and better because you’ll be able to take pictures that have real meaning and that really get the beauty of the panoramic shots across to the people who are looking at your photos. There is simply no end to the benefits of panoramic digital photography workshops.

Roland Parris Jefferson III is an online researcher based out of Los Angeles, California. Need more details and expert advice on Digital Photography? Then please visit our Panoramic Digital Photography Workshops Resource.

Modern Photography – 360 Virtual Tours

Here are a couple of questions that you might have asked yourself lately regarding the success/failure of your website. Do your pages looking tireless and tiring at the same time? Do they make your property, restaurant, scenery or university look dull? And the most important one is the website bringing you losses in your business? If so, the reason to all this is because if the site is not attractive, not many people will revisit it again thus decreasing your chances for profitability.

One of the most important ways to bring back to life a website is by inserting a 360 virtual tour photography. Such tours will enable users to sense that they are really there and can touch whatever you are presenting. The concept of 360 virtual tours converts the idea of the classic static image at a webpage onto an entire new and modern level. These virtual tours are very easy to manage and view in today’s web browsers and they allow full screen panoramas plus the possibility to view horizontally or vertically.

A 360 virtual tour is the perfect tool for real estate showrooms, commercial space or any other business that requires exhibiting services via these tours. The cutting-edge 360 panoramic virtual tour photos and pictures will give life to a tired and dull webpage. The visions created will allow the visitors to suppose as if they are really present at the site, a truly remarkable technique that has not been used before. Also, the potential clients visiting will definitely find the message completely irresistible. Further allowing making some potential clients and expanding the business, as a result earning huge profits, which is what all business owners are looking for.

From a business perspective, a potential client would like to see exactly what they are going to obtain if they purchase let’s say, a certain real estate property. They may not be able of experiencing their first hand but these modern 360 virtual tours provide them the extremely perfect alternative to experience the services almost really as well as offer them a potent inducement to purchase. Shortly put, here are 5 reasons why online business owners are considering the usage of 360 virtual tours:

Permitting users to “feel” like they are actually there;
Brings life to a dull webpage;
Allows the usage of high resolution photography;
Competition edge;
Affordable prices.

As you can see, it makes the website more interactive as well as user friendly and it gives the potential client a brand new and exciting way of exploring and experiencing the place without having to be present at that certain location, thus he saves not only time but also precious money. A 360 virtual tour will definitely give you that needed edge and help you stand out against the other competitors.

All things considered, a 360 virtual tour may and most likely will help increase the web site popularity, and often the more attention the web site receives, the more business and sales it will bring to its owner. With the aid of a professional photographer, the business manager us sure to get exquisite images and high quality panoramic photos which are needed in making the 360 virtual tours.

Learn more about virtual tours by accessing, where home users have the possibility to access information regarding 360 virtual tours.

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