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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Olive Press In Mallorquin Finca In Puigpunyent majorca

This olive press is situated in the cellars of finca las concas between puigpunyent and gallilea. The original fortifacations of finca las concas date back 800 years when it was build by the moors. The olive press is atleast several hundred years old.

Tunnels were discovered from the olive press to the backgardens to help the olive workers to smuggle the olive out of the finca. In that time olive oil was heavily charged.

Baia formosa near Pipa in rio do norte in Brasil

This panorama is taken from the little fishing village of baia de formosa, which is not far from the welknown vilage called Pipa, the in place for the world traveler , a place similar to Goa in India or Bali in Indonesia. Baia de formosa still has not the alure of Pipa , but i think that is only a matter of time. An opportunity for investors i would say. Is it not fantastic this little viage and this wonderfull beach. Just Paradise..or not

The biggest bridge in brazil, ponte de todos in Natal rn

The biggest bridge in Brazil ,Ponte Newton Nevarro in Natal in Brazil

Ponte de todos or Ponte Newton Nevarro is the longest and most beautiful bridge in Brazil . It took more then 12 years and a bit more then 130 million dollars to build this bridge. , This newly build bridge which spans the river Potengi connects the formerly-isolated northern beaches, like Genipabu to Natal,

Before the bridge was build , there were two ways to get across the river Potengi: driving around the Northern bridge of Igapó or taking the ferry boat; The ponte the todos has a lenghts of appr. 1.8 km and its heighest point is about 56 mts, which allowsthe passage of large boats

Center of palma de mallorca with the borne and avenida jaime tres

This is the center of Palma de mallorca with The Passeig del Born with its many barroque houses . The name ´Born´ refers to the jousting tournaments held here. The land this area occupies was formerly a narrow cove where the river of La Riera flowed out to sea. It was at this time (1833) that the sphinxes, popularly known as lions, were put in place.

The Avinguda de Jaume III was the first wide street to run through the old city with portal arches and homogenous façades. It is one of Palma´s busiest and most exclusive shopping streets.

Plaza Juan Carlos I with its many terraces where you can see the world pass by. The most oldest and most famous is Bar Bosch. A meeting place of the mallorquin people.