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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Using Flash 10 for Virtual Tours

Why Use Flash Player for 360 Virtual Tours?

In addition to the growing ubiquity of the format, Flash 10 also offers the smoothest viewing environment for virtual tours with vastly improved frame rates with some users reporting up to 150 frames per second.

Flash 10 allows us to provide a high degree of interactivity. Virtual tours can be displayed within an interactive interface. This makes navigation easy and enhances the user experience. So within the virtual tour environment you have a choice of elements to include, such as…

Navigation options

* Floorplan or map graphic which allows the user to navigate between different locations whilst remaining orientated within the space or geographical area.

* Floor arrows allowing the viewer to ‘walk through’ a space by clicking on a doorway or path to change locations.

* Thumbnail scroller – this allows viewers to have thumbnails of the other locations within the virtual tour interface on their screen at all times.

Multimedia options

* Hotspots which indicate to viewers that further information is available. Thus, when you wish to highlight an element within the scene the viewer may click a hotspot to for more info reveal a point of interest.

* We can include audio files which work with your virtual tours. This could be a soundtrack, a voiceover or even sound effects.

* Movies can be included within your virtual tours to provide an enhanced user experience.

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